Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Sweet Fixie Kids Are Alright

Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

The above video was sent to me by my buddy Bullit. It is perhaps one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. The idea that a shop mechanic would choose to use that silly hokiness instead of a chain whip and lock ring tool is just plain nutty. It is a pretty sweet tool for all all those hipsters who put out such mad, mad torque that they waffle steel fixed cogs on a regular basis and need to replace them in the field (or in the alley). But I can't really make fun of the sweet-fixie kids, they're alright, and besides, that market is already cornered. I love the sweet-fixie kids, they ride bicycles and riding bicycles, however stupid the bicycles might be, is still a good thing. I think it's cool that they ride the bikes to the cafes and bars, and that amongst their tribe, a man (wearing girl's pants) can pick up a women while straddling what mainstream women often perceive as a child's toy or a vehicle for men who have lost their driver's licenses for driving under the influence. Who knows, these fashion accessories may become addictive, and these crazy kids might end up as cyclists for life. If they don't die from attempting to ride brakeless first.

But then again, what do I know? I think this thing is awesome:

No self-respecting hipster would be caught dead rocking one of these things. And I wouldn't recommend that they should run it. They could really wreck themselves on it as they went over their bars in a skidding contest. All I know is that my King Cage Top Cap Mount worked wicked, wicked well during the Lumberjack 100 last week. I was amazed at how well it worked actually. I was reaching for my bottle in spots on the trail where I would never have reached for a down tube mounted bottle. I was even showing off while leading groups through the twisty singletrack. It worked so well that I even switched out my traditionally mounted bottle with the top cap mounted one. And the added weight on the bars didn't bother me a bit.

So ya, this post is really just filler. I wanted to post my "Crackin' Up" video from the trip to the Lumberjack, but Vimeo is all slow this morning. That will go up tomorrow I guess. And yes, this video is the "something a little special" I had alluded to in last Friday's post, while talking about Monday's post (that never happened).


Bullitt said...

Ok, you didn't get the joke--or I don't get it now(?).

Check out BikeSnob's entry on the "Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool."

Check it out PLAYAAAH!!

PVD said...

That stupid tool deserves to win the 'dumbest product of the year' award'.

How do those guys show their faces around town. Sooo lame.

Big Bikes said...

I guess the real joke is that I don't really read BSNYC on a regular basis. More on that later.

OilcanRacer said...

i rock one of those king cage bottle holders on a bike that needed one more carrier. it works great for 7-14 hour rides......