Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wow, Look At All The Awesome Stuff I Can Do!

This here, this is my demented idea of a resume page.

I am a multi-talented dude. I can travel, shoot video, write, blog, and conduct interviews. If I had a mutant power, it would be turning my own suffering into comedy. And suffering comes in all forms for me, from sitting next to loud eaters, to getting gored in the leg by a rhododendron bush. There's a gorgeous spectrum of suffering to be had out there.

Interview and Video Editing Work on Cyclingdirt:

I travel, race, take video, and do interviews for Cyclingdirt. A typical day will involve waking up at 5AM, interviewing racers for an hour, racing my mountain bike for 5 hours, interviewing racers for another hour or so, then sitting in a car outside a closed coffee shop, poaching their WiFi, editing hours of video, scarfing down a cold burrito, and then getting back to the house when everyone else is already asleep. Repeat.

Brek Epic Blogs on MountainBike.com:

In the summer of 2010, I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Blogger Grant recipient for the Breck Epic, a six day stage race in Breckenridge, Colorado. It was absolutely, freaking horrible, but I loved every minute of it. I blogged all about it for Mountainbike.com during the event.

Article And Reviews for BikeRumor:

Much of the material I am presented with at BikeRumor is not inherently all that exciting in any way. I try to take something that might otherwise be boring and dry and make it into something funny and interesting. Sometimes this causes the clientele consternation, mostly because they really just want me to put up a picture of some shiny, expensive, new thing and go "Hey you! Look at this shiny, expensive, new thing!"

Articles Done Pro Bono for NEMBA Singletracks:

NEMBA (The New England Mountain Bike Association), are the guys that make riding in New England happen. They advocate for land access, make sure trails stay open, maintain existing trails, and build amazing new ones. I try to get out to their events when I can, and I show my support by writing stuff for their member magazine occasionally. It's pretty sweet, NEMBA president Phillip Keyes let's me do whatever the hell I want to do over there.


 An under-utilized talent of mine is voice-over. After listening to these, you might think that it should be more under-utilized than it already is.

Dirt Rag:

  I have written exactly one thing for Dirt Rag (though I'd like to write more), it was about the SSUSA/SSAZ race in Tucson, Arizona. Since they were nice/stupid enough to pay me real money for writing silly words, I will not be republishing the piece out of respect to them (and perhaps for legal reasons as well).

Race Promotion: 

 And hey, I don't just make stuff up and do crazy things on the internet, I actually do things that are real too. Things like co-co-promoting the most bad-ass-awesome grassroots 'cross race this side of Portland (that would be Oregon, not Maine). It's called the Ice Weasels Cometh. 
Of course I do some of my best work here at the Big Bikes Blog, so check out the Big Bikes Top X on the sidebar for some of the more popular posts.

Wow, look at all the awesome stuff I can do! It is just nuts. Seriously. You or someone you know should hire me to do something. My perfectly reasonable aspiration is to be put in horrible situations where I am entirely miserable and be forced to write about them.

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