Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hold It Now

Damn, can't remember the last time I didn't update the blawg for 18 days...maybe never. What can I say, I've been scrambling: trying to survive, painting, working on a bunch of bikes with the whole mobile bike repair thing, trying to get a "real" job, not-blogging, well no here-blogging, I have been blogging on the BikeRumor...big time.

I basically came over here today to announce that I'm going into 8 days of total radio silence, but 18 days without a peep...shit, like anyone would have noticed. Eh, I'd rather not come down here every day just to make excuses. I'll be back when I'm ready, hopefully that'll be soon.

Thanks to The Original Big Ring for reminding me that Big Bikes exists (that's his awesome sticker above). And thanks to Shanna at Endless Bikes for her continued support (and the huge socks that I can't wait to rock). She even threw a bag of Mountain Air Roasting beans in the box.

Oh, during radio silence there will be daily Race To NAHBS! interviews scheduled to go up on BikeRumor, so check those out. The interview with Mickey from Spooky Bikes will be up Monday's a good one. Craig Gaulzetti might be the only guy in the same league. If you haven't read his, you should check it out.

So ya, 8 days of radio silence, which may be followed by a yet to be determined period of further radio silence...or not, we'll see.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Flyin' Bryan Philbrook Builds "Thom's Sawyer"

 As previously stated, I don't even like Rush, but setting this video of Bryan building "Thom's Sawyer" to "Tom Sawyer" was unavoidable. I didn't bite 21st Avenue Bikes "air compressor to the face" schtick, but I did develop my own using Bryan's beard as a prop. 

And please share the living hell out of this thing so I can get paid to make more.

Oh, and I spoke with Ultra Endure Guy, he'll be paying Big Bikes a visit Thursday or Friday. He also said something about a future project that may involve Chelada.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Gary Fisher Collection Sawyer: It's Light, It's Racist, And It Has A Split Dropout So You Can Clean Your Chain

My new bike is named after a Rush song…and I don't even like Rush. Alright, the Rush song is named after a book by Mark Twain, but who thinks of Twain before they think of Rush when they hear "Tom Sawyer?" It's sad. Sad like the fact that a half-assed blog about bikes and, and…who knows, shows up before its namesake in a Google search. But, nonetheless, I'm going to go with "Thom's Sawyer" as the name for the new, big, gray beast. It just fits. I walked into the shop on Friday, pulled the thing out of the box, and Erich Leas started singing "Tom Sawyer," and that was that. Boom! Bike named. I knew I was getting the bike for weeks…months even, but this connection had never occurred to me: a.) because I'm dimwitted and b.) because I don't think about myself in the third person, so it was "my Sawyer;" not "Thom's Sawyer." And ya, the H thing threw me. Rush's Tom Sawyer doesn't have a
silent H.