Monday, December 26, 2011

BigBikes p/b Cyclingdirt Is Live (ish)

It's still under construction, the banner images look like they were designed by a drunk eight-year-old, and the blog doesn't work yet, but looks and works a whole lot better than Facebook's new Timeline system. Oh, and the URL will likely be changing, but here it is...

The new Big Bikes p/b Cyclingdirt!

Got a bunch of Pro Bike vids up there and a nice thing about Boyd Cycling's affordable carbon CX wheels. I'll be heading to CX Nationals where I will be shooting TONS of material, so get really excited about that, because it is totally happening.

If you'd like to suggest content — shop visits, factory tours, interviews, or other weirdness...hit the contact button (upper right, under 'Tell me why I'm a big, fat jerk). Or, screw it, hit me at this email address: wellonabigbikeya at gmail.

Hang on, this is gonna be fun.