Saturday, January 15, 2011

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 Why Use Big Bikes?

Basically we have more time and less over-head than your average bike shop. This means we take more care and spend more time on your bike because we don't have a back log of hundreds of bikes to get to after yours. It also means we can charge less. We pay retail for parts so we have no motivation to sell you things you don't need, we make all of our money on labor. Of course we also want you to come back, so we are going to do the best job possible, treating the bike as if it were one of our own with an eye toward preventative maintenance and longevity.

Tune Up
- $45 (Best Deal in Town) A meticulous, thorough servicing of your bike.
A Big Bikes Tune-Up includes:

  • Inspection of parts for wear — chain, cassette, tires, brake pads, cables, housing etc.
  • Cleaning and truing (straightening) of wheels, airing-up and inspection of tires
  • Cleaning of frame
  • Lubrication and greasing of all applicable components — chain, cables, anchor bolts, etc.
  • Adjustment of brakes along with scrubbing of pads — gives them a fresh braking surface)
  • Adjustment of derailleurs — Making sure your gears work.
  • Safety Check — we make sure the bar, stem, seat post, saddle and wheels are all tight
  • Test-Ride — to make certain the gears don't click and that the brakes don't SQUEAK!

Big Bikes Tune-Up with pick up and delivery - $55 (A great deal, and way more convenient for you.) This price applies to the greater Somerville, Arlington, Cambridge, Medford, Belmont area. Price negotiable outside that area.

Unless you are an insanely rich dude with a habit for acquiring $12,000 bikes like they're Hummel Figurines, no shop will do this for you; Big Bikes will. Often the repair will be performed on the and venue permitting.

Teach a Man to Wrench, House-call Tune-Up with Tutorial
- $85

Yes it's a bit more expensive, but you will be looking over the mechanic's shoulder as he performs the repair, so the next time your bike requires service you will be able to deal with much of the work yourself. You will also learn all about the tools you need to execute basic bike maintenance, and any questions you might have will be thoroughly answered.

- $5 Each - Brake Pads, Chain installation, Cassette installation,Tube Installation, Handlebar Installation, Brake or Derailleur Cable Installation, Bar Wrap, Cutting of Steerer Tube, etc. This is a much better deal than any shop will give you.

After Hours (8PM-12AM) - $25 Additional Charge

Need your bike ready for the race tomorrow and your bike's a horrible mess? Call Big Bikes, we'll get 'er done!

Rush - $25 Additional Charge 
We drop everything and get your bike race or commute ready ASAP

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Montana said...

Do you deliver?

RMM said...

How much does it cost if the customer wanted to be naked while watching you repair bikes?

Big Bikes said...

3 Million dollars per bike...rockstar from Mars rate.
Charlie Sheen and I know what we're worth.

bruno said...

How much if you are naked