Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lumberjack 100 Helmet Cam and Video Report

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Got back late last night from the last leg of the Michigan trip. Drove up from the Finger Lakes after a nice visit at my Auntie Ann's. A cold swim in Keuka Lake helped shake off some of the hurt from the Lumberjack, but I definitely have a whole lot more shaking off to do. That, and sleeping, lots of sleep to catch up on, even more so than usual. I am a hurtin' eunuch. That is the expression right...hurtin' eunuch?

No time to put the proper report together today, so you'll have to watch my video report if you haven't already. Well, you don't have to, there isn't going to be a test on this stuff. It's sort of like one of my blog posts, only with more ums and buts and aaahs and teeth...more big teeth for sure.

The helmet cam thing was frustrating this time around. More time on the bike means more time to screw up filming. I pulled the classic, Helmet Hero mistake of leaving the thing on when I thought it was off, using up all the memory on total crap. I did the best I could with it, practicing my editing. Lots of nice sun light through the trees shots. 'Cause that was what I was going for...sunlight through the trees shots. "Aw dude, I can't wait to see all that sick footage I took of the sunlight coming through the trees!" Sorry to Tim Finkel, Eddie O'dea, and all the other guys who might have thought they were busting all those sick moves out there for the papparazzi.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

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rick is! said...

where was all of the uncomfortableness in the first vid? no giggles, awkward sideways glances. nothin.