Monday, June 14, 2010

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

Monday Morning Nightmare

The race report ain't happenin' tonight. Just got back from loading up the IBC truck with kids bikes for the second part of the Holland School bike donation tomorrow (more on that later). I went pretty much straight from racing the EFTA Pinnacle to The Shop. After I loaded up the bikes, I uploaded my pre/post race videos to cyclingdirt. The helmet cam video will be up Tuesday. I've reviewed the footage and there's some exciting stuff in there, including Mike Rowell and me descending the Pinnacle Plunge simultaneously. The sprint for first place went down in sort of the same way, as Matty O describes in his hilarious monologue above.

I feel a lot like K-Sweet looks in this photo. My pre-race video with K-Sweet was almost entirely crap due to two factors:

1.) The light quality in the car was miserable.


2.) After yammering entertainingly for the first hour of the car ride about his pre-race drinking exploits, K-Sweet decided to go all monosyllabic on me when I busted out the ipod Nano.

The video quality (outside a car) on the Nano is not bad. Although asking someone to talk to a tiny black box, the size of a pack of gum is sort of strange. It's like asking someone to talk to a pine cone or a tube of toothpaste. They just might fail to take you seriously. And I have enough trouble getting people to take me seriously as it is.

Despite how adorable and innocuous K-Sweet looks in the above photo, he still ranks as Calhoun Rooter's number one nemesis, as he illustrates in the video below.

Cycling Videos on CyclingDirt

My goal while doing these interviews today was to try to avoid breaking down into uncontrollable giggling. I was somewhat successful. The giggling sounds even more disturbing and insane when it is directed right at the back of the camera.

And yes, it is official: I have won the Breck Epic Blogger Grant contest. So I will be heading to Colorado in August. After my amazing (look at my eyebrow) climbing performance at the Pinnacle today, I have work to do. I can't ride up a wheelchair ramp right now. There was some last minute craziness with the contest, something about extending the vote until Tuesday and opening up to non-facebook members, but it didn't really happen, which is a good thing.

Thanks to everyone that voted, and double, triple thanks to my more-facebook-savvy-than-I wife, who made voting for me into an event, and got all the facebook peoples she knows to invite their friends to "the event." It got me votes up the yin yang. And thanks to Bike Rumor for posting about it. I still can't believe they did that. Just goes to show what gluing a few pubes to your face can accomplish. You hear that kids?

Things we're going to need to talk about (but I'm too spent to get to them now).

I leave Thursday for Michigan. In a car. I have no plan. When I say I have no plan, I mean I have no plan. I'm looking for a place to crash somewhere around the midway point between here and wherever that race is.

In other crazy news, I will be flying out to Oregon in August to "cover" the High Cascades 100 for cyclingdirt. It's nuts, I know. My job interview for cyclingdirt consisted of me laughing convulsively in front of Colt's camera. Now I get to laugh behind the camera. Actually, if you look closely at the interview with Matty at the top of the post, you can see a guy point at me as I bite my hand and turn red in an attempt not to break down cackling.

I received a mysterious package from Durango yesterday. I'll talk more about what was inside before I leave for Michigan.

Alright, that's it, gotta get some sleep so I can put on a good show for the kids tomorrow, early, early AM.


dicky said...

Someone's being very influential. See you in Breck.

craig said...

If you want to crash after 7hrs of driving send me an email.

SHopengarten said...

Not so sure about your journalistic integrity on cyclingdirt. You keep smack-talking K-Sweet with interview subjects.

megA said...

SuperCongrats on your future EPICNESS!

I look forward to hearing more giggling. . .