Friday, June 25, 2010

Pay No Attention to The Man Sleeping Behind The Curtain

But do pay attention to what this man is doing. My 29er Crew teammate Tim Finkel's brother passed away suddenly last year, and now Tim is embarking on an insane charity ride to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation to honor his brother's memory. Get this, he's riding 700 miles in 7 days, on a mountain bike. It's easy to donate, just go to this PAGE.

Hopefully my attempt to help Tim help others out will garner more of a reaction than my mis-guided attempt to help busted-up-Doug out. How many contributions did I get for the Big Box O' Bike Porn? Zero. That's how many. Whatever dudes. It could have set a great precedent, maybe any time someone in the blog-o-verse got banged up, the Big Box O' Bike Porn would have made its way over to his house. But no, folks had to let their VHS copies of Kranked 4 gather some more dust on the shelf. And of course Doug had already seen any of my "hot new DVDs." Just wait for my wicked timely review of 24 Hour Solo. Just a few years behind that, I'll be doing one for Race Across The Sky.

The registration fee for the Darkhorse 40 goes from $55 to $75 July 1st. And, are you ready for something truly awesome? $500 goes to the top Elite male AND female. That's right, equal pay for equal work at the Darkhorse 40. And good pay it is. Oh, almost forgot to mention that Long Trail has signed on as a beer sponsor. If you're worried about the beer running out before you finish, don't you fret. At the Darkhorse 40, the aid stations are always well-stocked. The course is fast and fun, one of my absolute favorites and I would love to be there but...

I will not be there, I will be HERE.

I will be returning to the Wilderness 101 in an attempt to better my 2007 performance, and if I can't pull that off, at the very least I'd like to better my race coverage for Cyclingdirt performance from the Lumberjack. I'm a little scared of what's going to happen when I get thrown at the 101 course with gears beneath me. I foresee bad decisions and pain.

So that's about a month off, but in the interim, as in two weeks from now, I will be doing the six hour event at the Pats Peak Mountain Bike Festival as a "tune up" (sounds so pro doesn't it?) for the 101. It's a relatively sedate course with a metric butt-load of climbing. A good way to get in shape without getting destroyed in the process.

Well, I ran a little long yesterday (did anyone actually read that crap?) so I'm gonna go a little short today. I have been running a little short (cough! Understatement) on sleep these past few days, I think I'll go try to deal with that situation. I'm not racing this weekend, but I may have something a little special for you Monday.


rick is! said...

I'll be seeing ya at the 6 hr. climbing galore is right but nothing like those wicked 101 gravel climbs.

Hill Junkie said...

Well, at least you tried. Fortunately my good buddy SteveG has a sizeable stash of DVD bike porn I've been tapping into. It's more roadie centric stuff. With good physical therapy progress, I could be cleared to ride again in about a month, unless I poach a ride or two before then. I'm gettin' wicked antsy.