Thursday, June 17, 2010

As You Read This

As you read this, I am already on my way...
who am I kidding, there is no way on hell I am actually going to leave for Michigan on time .

Let's try that again.

As you read this, I am probably scrambling down to the market to grab some of those non-perishable, very manly, little soy milks and trying hard to think of all the crap I'm going to surely forget. Just moments ago I was loading the car going, "Ya, packing for hundred milers isn't that different from packing for a regular race, you just pack more food and a tent.

My tent. I put it away wet after the North East Kingdom trip...two weekends ago. It's been hanging up to "dry" in the backyard ever since. Thing is, it's rained periodically during that span, re-dampening the tent. So it would get left out to dry for that much longer. Lucky for me I married someone who has a larger brain than I do. She pointed out that the tent was lying in a puddle in the backyard and that I should probably shake it out before I packed it for the MI trip. Miserable suckfest #1 avoided.

Paahsins, yer blog is supposed to have this!

When I was working on the IBC Blog the other day, I went "Oh ya, blogs are supposed to have linked titles, why doesn't my blog have a linked title?" So I contacted my counsel on all things techy, Colin Reuter. He urged me to give him access to my blog so that he could mess with it. I thought for a moment that this meant giving up my google password, which, at this point, is the password to my entire E-life. I love me some Colin Reuter, but this was still kind of a freaky prospect. He held my wrinkled old, out of touch hand, and guided me toward granting him administrative privileges for the blog. I will likely forget to un-grant these privileges, so if you see anything dodgy or off about my future posts...that's Reuter monkeying with my shit, 100%.

Colin used to design video games. Kids who drop out of video game design school become neuro-scientists. It took an intellect of that level to figure out that I had un-clicked the "show title" box in the formatting area of the blog set up dealy. Thank you Colin Rooter, you have vastly improved the functionality and user-friendliness of the Big Bikes. No wonder no one used to link to my posts, damn un-linked titles.

You may have already heard the crazy news from Trek/Fisher, or as they will be known from here on out: Trek/Trek Too. Trek has officially absorbed the Gary Fisher brand. Gary Fisher bikes are now the Gary Fisher Collection of Trek Bikes. The Bike Rumor interview with Fisher brand manager (and my team manager) Travis Ott does a better job of explaining the whats and the whys of the move than I ever could. (Man it was sweet how that Bike Rumor post had a linked title so I could just link right to it! I get it now, I get it.)

One exciting product of this new relationship is a Carbon Trek Cyclocross bike. Pictured above.

Do you think you can handle anymore excitement today? You sure? an effort to be slightly less of a douche bag, I have purchased one of those Starbucks re-usable iced cups. I may have mentioned that I had taken to re-using Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts iced cups for the iced coffee I made at home. I just can't drink iced coffee out of a normal travel mug, but I felt like such a massive douche wasting all that plastic when I bought iced coffees every day. So I got the cup and I think it's rad, it has totally solved my problem and made my life better. It's like a re-usable iced coffee cup-version of Colin Reuter.

Off to the Mitten in the AM. Looking to make it to Buffalo tomorrow, and then do the long haul up to wherever the hell the Lumberjack is...Manatee or something, before registration closes. No on site camping this year, so I'll be seeking out some rustic camping elsewhere . Although the prospect of rolling around on the sandy, tick-ridden ground in the parking lot, Dicky-Style sounds pretty appealing.

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zencycle said...

I often wondered why you didn't have linkable titles, now I know why. And here you had me fooled into thinking you knew what you were doing