Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Big Ring Rumpus Report

Is not here, it is HERE of course.

In other news. Although no one has sent me anything for Doug's Big Box-o-Bike Porn, I have begun to fill it in earnest. It now contains a copy of Hell on Wheels, Some random free-ride video, and 24 Hour Solo. And it will soon contain Race Across The Sky (which I need to watch first). I'm hoping to get a semi-substantial amount of stuff in the box by next week so I can deliver it before Doug is back on the bike.

And in other news still. Montana "The Loose Hamster" Miller has overtaken me in the Breck Epic blogger grant poll. Come one internet buddies, let's show that dude what's up. Vote now!

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Hill Junkie said...

Thom - I appreciate your efforts here. Still have a month-plus to go in the cast. Physical therapy could start in a couple weeks. Not sure when I'll be cleared to throw a leg over a bike. Just a heads up, I've already watched Race Across the Sky, 24hrs Solo and Kranked 6: Progression. I also just picked up the US Pro Documentary DVD from a friend (a roadie flick).