Wednesday, June 16, 2010

If You Can Read This

It means that I didn't have a vicious bout of insomnia last night that lead to me getting up and banging out a blog post besides the one I already did for the IBC Blog about the Holland School bike donation. It's a little dryer than the stuff I do here, but it has its moments. Such a great salesman I am.

So ya, another day of shameless re-direction. And I will be spending the rest of this day of shameless re-direction prepping for the Lumberjack 100, which I still know almost nothing about: Can I sleep in my car on site? Should I run burly tires or wussy tires? Not to mention the more personal questions like: Can I actually ride a hundred miles right now? And if I so, how the hell do I pace myself with gears? Then there's the creeping sense of dread that precedes the truth. The truth that this is really dumb idea that I might have to bag for several reasons, none of which are entertaining.

And yes I'm screwing with my template, it is not going well. Thanks for noticing.


dicky said...

I slept in my car on-site back in 2006. Maybe the venue has changed, but it was pretty miserable. Lotsa mosquitoes means no opening your windows for ventilation and in June Michigan is Florida. The sandy parking lot is loaded with ticks, so don't crawl out of your car looking to the ground for relief.

rick is! said...

I've solved the sleeping in the car routine with mosquitos by purchasing a roll of inexpensive, fiberglass window screen to drape over the open car windows (or sunroof). If the screen is long enough, you can "secure" it in place with rocks on the ground. It's a bit getto but it worked for me at the w101 a few years back in similar circumstances.

Jonny Bold said...

What about a tent?

OMMB said...

too funny... i had the same issues screwing around with the new template stuff the other day. tinkered for hours and got to a point where i thought i lost everything to some sort of blog monster.... thankfully all posts were okay and new template looks good!