Monday, June 07, 2010

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Bring The Rumpus

I chose to use my time...unwisely. Well, maybe it will prove to have been a wise use of time in the long run, who knows. I spent all my blawging time learning how to use the new (to me) version of imovie and editing my Helmet Hero video from the EFTA Big Ring Rumpus, a 100% fire-road "mountain bike race" that occurred in Auburn, NH today. It might not be the most exciting race video ever, but it has a sweet soundtrack and some goofy captions to break it up. My video-ninja skills definitely require some work.

Oh yes, the above video. I'm flattered. I just feel really, really internet-famous right now. I'm so internet-famous that internet-famous people are doing impressions of me. I'm like the Christopher Walken of the blog-o-verse.

Today's race was the final installment in what, in my mind, was a four day "training block" which involved three days of heavy riding in Vermont. The idea is that I will not entirely embarrass myself at the Lumberjack 100 in a couple weeks. Although I did do a pretty damn good job of embarrassing myself today, but not before I filmed all the hot, first lap action in the Elite field. Mike Rowell, Dan Vaillancourt, Jesse Anthony, and Stephen Humphreys were riding wicked strong. There's more to the story, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow.

EFTA NECS #3 Big Ring Rumpus 2010 from thom parsons on Vimeo.


dougyfresh said...

just wait until the party at Breckenridge :)

rick is! said...

good to see you yesterday thom.

Mark Rodman said...

great video. thoroughly enjoyed it

Michele said...

Great to see you. Love the video! Usually helmet-cam footage makes me nauseated.