Thursday, July 01, 2010

Crackin' Up On The Way To The Lumberjack 100

Crackin' Up (On The Way To The Lumberjack 100) from thom parsons on Vimeo.

The insomnia's back, so I am too. At least for the time being. If someone is a candidate for death by sleep deprivation, it's me. There are two types of insomnia that I suffer from, one is the anxious, — "I can't get to sleep!" (Just watch the video, it will make sense.) — kind. And then there's the kind of insomnia that attacked me this morning. The wake up at 5 AM after going to bed at midnight kind. The kind where I wake up and I know, just know that I won't be able to go back down. So I get up, pour a big cup of coffee and lay on the couch writing this crap and not doing the sit ups I should really be doing.

I think Stephen King once said something like "insomnia is a gift." And being an insomniac, I latched onto it as a way of feeling better about myself. There's probably some idiot out there with anger management problems who identifies strongly with the Rage Against The Machine quote, "anger is a gift." But that guy's an idiot and I'm a genius. Of course, at the time I latched onto that alleged (I couldn't google the thing up anywhere) King quote, I was probably in 8th grade. These days I don't think all that highly of King as a writer. In fact, I think the best thing that may have ever happened to Stephen King is Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of The Shining. King never liked that adaptation, so much so that he had it remade into a freaking horrible T.V. mini-series in 1997 starring that douche bag from Wings. Remember that? Do you even remember Wings? If you don't, you're lucky, maybe you've repressed it all. I wish I could.

Alright, I just spent an hour editing that video, so I'm going to shut up now, maybe try to do some sit ups, and watch some World Cup through my red and watering eyes.


Anonymous said...

I see a pilot for a new tv show

dicky said...

Judas Priest and Colin Hay's acoustic version of Overkill???

Did I send you a road trip mix tape?

WV: dingel.... no shit