Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mary, Take The Chocolate, The River's Rising

My friends at Taza Chocolate have suffered some bad luck. Not Lance Armstrong, clipping your pedal on an inanimate object at 60 KPH, eating it big time, and sliding on your back for 40 feet bad luck:

More like act of god, flash flood wrecking your newly renovated factory and your insurance company not doing dick for you bad luck.

WBZ did a little story about it:

They are in a bit of a tight spot financially due to this craziness and now might be a great time for you to check out their amazing product. Maybe even buy a T-Shirt or two. Check it out, doesn't Kathleen look awesome in her Taza shirt? That's how you will look too, even if you are an obese man or a partially-shaved orangutan, I guarantee it.

It's not like charity, you are buying delicious chocolate.

And this is not your average chocolate. It is stone ground and entirely different from anything you've tried. Try it once and you'll be hooked. It's got cocaine in it. Did I say "cocaine?" I meant cacao. That's right, cacao, not cocoa. You can read all about their unique process here:

That's all I got today. Worked the later shift at The Shop today and I'm back for the early shift tomorrow. The idea is to pack in about ten riding hours this week before I head out to the Six Hours of Power Sunday. This will be my last long week before I roll down to Pennsylvania for the Wilderness 101 at the end of the month. I'm looking to get an hour-fifteen or so in on the road before work and an hour-forty in after by extending the commute down to Wrentham. This, despite the threat of "T-Storms." (It's only a 50% chance...I like them odds.) I told ex-super-blogger Uri today that I wanted him to start calling me by my new self-declared nickname "T-Storm." For whatever reason he wasn't going for it. We're staying at Pop's Camp, my family's rustic cabin on Lake Archer tomorrow night, so likely no Thursday post.

T-Storm out bitches!

That's how I talk now, in my new persona. Pretty cool huh?


rick is! said...


trackrich said...

Best. Chocolate. Ever.

Buy some and support cool people.

Peter Keiller said...

fuck you.
I AM DOING six hours of power.
YOU stay where you are.