Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Three Days of The 6 Hours of Power

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Colt may move this video by the time I wake up (which won't be early, it's 2AM),
so you might be looking at a dead link. If so, just go to the Cyclingdirt main page, it could be there. Or who knows, it could be floating around in the ether somewhere.


dicky said...

Skip Brown? Is he like 100 years old now?

jason said...

Even with the water breaks, you still bridged right back to Skip's wheel. Though, where are those red tires?

Big Bikes said...

RD - Totally, he's like the same age as you.

Jason -

some of the shots in the vid were taken by my wife, she was taking the water breaks. Skip was actually doing the duo class with Tiffany and they had their two daughters with them. Skip was going faster than I wanted to, but I was so stoked to get footage of him that I tried to hold his wheel for most of the lap.

rick is! said...

he's like a 100 years old and still pushing that massive gear. every enduro I'd race against him I'd get out in front and wait for the inevitable catch near the end of the race.