Tuesday, July 13, 2010

6 Hours of Pats Peak - The Report

The 6 Hours of Pats Peak report is up over on the 29er Crew site. It was a long race, so long that the amount of bottles pictured above proved inadequate. The report is long too. I would suggest pouring as many cups of coffee as there are bottles pictured above just to get through it. I'm going to pour that many cups of coffee...because that's just what I do on a Tuesday morning.


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Kevin B said...

Nice job, I too went out for another lap 5 minutes to 6 (my 9th) I took 4th If only I had known I was 30 min from the 3rd place guy. Good times, I got 8000ft of climbing on my GPS. I am the guy that shows up a bunch in your video with the black and orange kit.