Friday, July 30, 2010

Off To See The Wizard of AAAAHS!

Today was crazy, ran around like a chicken on meth, trying to get ready for the 101. Now it's way too late and I have to get up way too early.

What was in the box? This was in the box:

Thanks to my good buddies at Trek I will be rolling on a fully-operational wheel this weekend. Only thing is, it's a center-lock wheel and all my shit is 6-bolt. So I paid a little visit to my nearest neighborhood bike shop to see Brian about an adapter.

He hooked me up with what I needed, although I was so frazzled that I thought for a moment that it wasn't what I needed. Oh god...too tired to get into semi-technical explanations now. Later for that.

Lesson #1: Bring BEER to the bike shop. Even if you're a dick like me who works for and races for another shop, you will get the royal treatment. Look how happy Colin is. He's not happy to see me, he's happy to see BEER.

Thinking that I had been hooked up with the wrong thing, I paid a visit to the guys at Ace Wheelworks. They also helped me out with the adapter I needed. And after I took a closer look at the adapter Colin E. had found for me, I realized that the one Brian had given me was correct as well. Hey, I never said I wasn't an idiot. I bought it anyway, I'm going to need it for the front wheel that my official LBS sponsor is helping me out with in the near future.

And for whatever reason I did a weigh-in. Not bad.

And check it out:

The suspension cables on the Zakim bridge remind me very much of the "wheel strings" on my new Bontrager RXL. That's a pretty sick lookin' bridge.

OK, Jesus, I gotta get me some sleep, see you...Monday?

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