Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Left My Legs and My Brain in Vermont

This is what you would be reading if, I say if I hadn't scheduled this post to go up at 6AM TOMORROW. (Because I forgot it was tomorrow, which is now today while I was writing it last night.)

I think we've been here before...
if you're reading this poor excuse for a post, it means that I didn't get hit with a bout of insomnia last night. Which of course is good for me but bad for the Big Bikes blog. It's 1AM and M and I just got back from a weekend up in Waitsfield, VT. It involved a lot of riding in the hills, some swimming holing, a bunch of good food, and hanging with some seriously nice peoples. It was a great training camp, but I'm not sure for what. Could have been for cycling, or competitive eating, I'm not sure which. I have more to share, but it will have to wait until later.

It didn't post this AM, and insomnia did strike, so I took the time to write a proper post with proper photos for the 29er Crew Blog. So check THAT out.

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