Thursday, July 08, 2010

Happy Thursday

Hi, I'm a "Thom didn't have an insomnia-attack last night placeholder." I'm here in case Thom didn't get up and write a post at 5AM. Look at me, I'm a tie-dyed Mt. Borah jersey. And you thought Primal Wear had a monopoly on jerseys that make you want to either puke or punch someone in the dick.

Full disclosure: I own this Primal Wear jersey. At least I used to. I may have "lost" it. Possibly in a fire. A man-made one. It was great though, I could ride through Framingham and Natick and instead of screaming "Faggot!," drivers in their Irocs would yell "Yeah dyude!" at me.

But at no time in my life did I think that this aesthetic abomination was a good idea. Shit, if I saw someone wearing this jersey, I wouldn't bother yelling at them, I would run them over straightaway. Even if I was on my bike. And then I would douse them with gasoline and light them on fire.


zencycle said...

I have an Arrogant Bastard Ale jersey which proudly proclaims "I'm an arrogant Bastard". My wife bought it for me.

It isn't the one in the link, but now that I see the one in the link I think I'll buy it because I think it looks cool. And because I'm an arrogant bastard.

Dave1949 said...

BB, the fact you care so very much what other men are wearing and dress in lycra yourself isn't at all suspicious.
Not that there's anything wrong with a highly developed fashion sense.

Amanda said...

i don't eally have anything worth saying...but my word verification is "asholl". and i just wanted to type that.

the original big ring said...

dude, that frog on the shifter was like totally going to be my next piece of ink - probably taking up most of my back. Thanks for ruining the dream.

P.s. congrats on the wedding anniversary