Friday, November 19, 2010

We Have A Mustache Ride Winner!

That's right, Rich "Team Dicky" Dillen has won a mustache ride...from Marty!

Here he comes Dicky...he's on his way to your house...when you get home, Party Marty or one of his prodigiously mustachioed friends will be waiting in your driveway to give you a mustache ride you'll never forget.

Which reminds me of a story....

I was down in Central Square, at Moody's Falafel Palace (awesome) and these two dudes behind me are talking. One tells the other that he likes his jacket. The nicely jacketed guy replies, "Ya, I like this jacket too but it got all fucked up at this casino one time." "Really? What happened?" "I got roofied at the bar by some dude and then the bouncer roughed me up and threw me out, it was nuts."

Nuts is right.

Some bad stuff could have happened to that dude...stuff like what's going to happen to Dicky when Marty shows up with his special delivery.

"Ya look mighty cute in them bike shorts Dicky. Now come on over here and..."

It was a close race, with just one vote separating Mandy "Queen of SSUSA" Wisell from Rich "King of Watching Transformers 2 More Than Any Other Grown Man" Dillen. Both entries were amazing, as were many of the others.

You know what else is amazing? This:

That's one of the Co2's I lost to TSA on my way to Pisgah in September. Incredibly enough, a friend of mine who works at the airport stumbled upon this package the other day.

Not a joke.

I had listened to Dicky when he told me that the cartridges would be safe in a stainless steel coffee mug...why? Why did I listen to the Dicky? I am going to tell Party Marty to give Dicky a "Medieval Mustache Ride," he'll know what I'm talking about.

Kids bike donation for IBC tomorrow, gotta get up early and act like a grownup.

I probably shouldn't even tell you this but...Monday we're going to talk about "Leg Vaginas."

Not a joke.


dougyfresh said...

I can't believe he found that. Let along TSA let him take it home.

dicky said...

CO2 in the bike box or luggage?


Big Bikes said...

Big D- Found it? They have a cabinet set aside for him full of tools, lube, and CO2's. It's about the least sketchy thing those glorified gropers do.

Lil' D - Carry on, along with my brass knuckles and bolo knife. Of course in my LUGGAGE. I guess your stainless mug is more awesomer than mine.

- t

CB2 said...

I liked Wooly Willy Lance the best. Guess I should have voted.
How do you tweet?

weiner said...

whatever you do at Moody's, don't order the lamb. it tastes like an old lady...

33rd Degree Bison said...

That is the greatest picture of Marty I have ever seen. I love this place.

Also, at the risk of sounding too Special Olympics, all of those entries were awesome. I do, however, think the best one won.

mandy said...

damn, one vote? i gotta stop settling for second place to Dicky.

the original big ring said...

i was robbed