Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sighted: Glenn Danzig Buying Kitty Litter In A Mt. Borah Blaze Camo Jersey

This just in from the Mt. Borah E-Newsletter (that I have not yet opted out of), Glenn Danzig was sighted buying kitty litter while wearing a Mt. Borah "Blaze Camo" jersey, which happens to be this month's Jersey of The Month!

In case you were wondering if the Acting Interim Assistant to The Viscount of Darkness could fall any further, the answer is yes, yes he can.

Glen "with two N's" Danzig was quoted as saying:

"They called the jersey "The Hunter" in the Mt. Borah E-Newsletter that I subscribe to... motherfucker, and I wrote a song once called "The Hunter," so I thought WHOAH! I'm gonna buy that jersey and cut the sleeves off and wear it out to buy kitty litter, um...motherfucker."

All I know is that if I were the not-funny, white Dave Chappelle, I would have a skit on my show called: E! True Hollywood Story: Glenn Danzig.

OK, I know one more thing: there used to be a Youtube video floating around where someone had overdubbed a mumbling, almost Homer Simpson-like voice over the video for Danzig "Mother" and it was fecking hilarious. Now it appears to have been taken down for copyright reasons. If someone could find a way to find that, I would love it.

Oh wait, there is a god...and his name is Uri Halevi. Uri did a "mash up" of that Danzig parody and a video from Highland mountain bike park on his now defunct blog, so at the very least you can hear the audio, do it!

And then somebody PLEASE re-dub it over Danzig Mother.

Since the douche-nozzles at Sony pulled the Danzig Mother-parody off Youtube and poor Glenn hasn't taken enough abuse with the whole kitty litter business recently...

Here's a video of him getting knocked out:

Back in the olden-days of the inner-net it was actually hard to find this video, it was a major accomplishment if you could.

Man, I always think these Saturday posts are going to end up being a video with a wonder Twitter's 140 character limit causes me so much angst.

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Thought said...

Hey where is that audio at for the Danzig spoof?