Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Delays, Diversions, and Something Else That Begins With D That I Can't Think Of Right Now

"So when are going to write your 'party report'...tonight?"

- Steven Hopengarten

Right, so that didn't happen. Geekhouse party report and perhaps, I say perhaps, video will be up later...or tomorrow. For now I will direct your attention to the probably-far-superior-to-anything-that-I'm-going-too-write-here-today-post over on Bike Rumor I wrote last night.

The new regulation would also require recumbent riders’ shorts to be longer than their beards.

I will also be posting a whole bunch of Lance Armstrong Mustache Ride For The Roses photos later on. It's not too late to win a Geekhouse pint glass and a Team Awesome T-Shirt, contest details HERE.

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SHopengarten said...

Thom, GET ON IT! I will click on ads so you get paid

I'm anxiously awaiting those inebriated interviews. (Hopefully not mine)