Friday, September 25, 2009

Vermont 50/SSWC/Vermont 50/
SSWC/Vermont 50/SSWC

Really don't know which way to go today. Still much more to babble about related to SSWCs, oh so much more. Then we got the Vermont 50 Sunday. I've done a lot of babbling about that already. Now it's here and I'm all clammed up. Oh, and it's Friday and I got no photos...stupid dead camera.

Where is my head at? Well, in an email to last year's VT50 winner, Jeff Whittingham, I wrote just moments ago I said something like "Blah, blah, blah -I just want to get this over with so I can drink beer and eat bacon and Pizza for a week".

"I am gonna win this shit!", that is something I said repeatedly throughout the week prior to SSWCs (usually just after I'd seen JHK or Travis Brown ride by).

I can tell you the stuff I have on my bike for The 50. Hell, I don't think I've ever given the run down on The Superfly's parts spec. Here:

Frame - Gary Fisher Superfly SS 19.5"
Wheels - Bontrager Race X Lites (geared Freehub body, spaced out with Endless Fibonacci kit),
converted for use with rear facing track dropout with DT Swiss RWS 10mm Thru-Bolt and 10mm end caps, this only works on the old Dt 240 based hubs.
Bar - Bontrager Race X Lite 12° Big Sweep
Stem - Bontrgaer Race XXX Lite 100mm 10°
Fork - Fox RLC 80mm
Crank - Um, XTR
Pedals - XTR
Post - Race X Lite
Saddle - Race X Lite MTB
Grips - Race XXX Lite
Bar Ends (yes, bar ends) - Singletrack Solutions Pro (I prefer the ST Lites, but I can't get them)
Brakes - Avid Juicy Ultimates
Chain - Sram 991 (that's a 9 speed chain kid - Power links allow you swap gears easily)
Chainring - e.13 33t Guidering (or 34t Spot ring)
Tires - Bontrager XR1 1.9s (set up Tubeless with Stan's)
Bottle Cages - King Cage, Ti
COG - Endless Bike Kick Ass Cog 19t

As currently configured it's weighin' 20.3 Lbs.

I'm running a little lower gear this year and keeping the wee tires regardless of conditions. So much of the climbing is on road anyway, traction shouldn't be an issue. I'm hoping the "altitude training" will kick in. Right now I'm a mess; sweating profusely for no reason and panting uncontrollably with the slightest efforts on the bike. Bodes well. No matter what happens we'll have lots to talk about Monday.



adirondack said...

Hmm. Fibonacci. Now has me wondering about the merits of the golden ratio (1:1.618). The ratio between the number of beers you drink the night before and the hours of sleep needed to race well?

34:20 for me on the Jabber. Should be fun.

Hill Junkie said...

You mean there are parts that are not on the road? Dave P is taunting me that given the forecast, it could be Landmine all over again. What's a roadie to do?

rick is! said...

good luck to you all. I need to put a registration reminder on my computer today so that I remember to get in next year.

CB2 said...

Wowzers, that's light for a HT...and you didn't use anything stupid!
Good luck!

the original big ring said...

Really wanted to do this race. Meh. Hopefully next year. Good luck'ish.
Mmmmmm, bacon.