Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pimp My (Friends Who) Ride

erhaps tomorrow I will continue elaborating on the frantic SSWC notes post. There is definitely more to share. If you want to read something which will give you a better idea of the big picture not just my subjective cycling shoe gazing bullshit, go check out this article from The Durango Herald. There's a really well done video of the event over there too. So pro.

For now I pimp my friend's event:

MM Racing Season Kick Off Event
Thursday October 1st 7-10PM
Belmont Wheelworks 480 Trapelo Rd. Belmont, MA
Food, beer, cupcakes, and a raffle that will blow your pants off!

For more info, go here:

I went to last year's event, it was a who's who of awesome Boston area bike peoples...and me. I felt like a total loser, but I drowned my self-loathing in beer and muffled it to death with cupcakes. My pants were already off by the time the raffle rolled around, but I did feel a strong draft capable of blowing pants off (if you were wearing pants...which I wasn't, as I mentioned).

See you there.



Luke S said...

Way to totally mislead everyone by linking to yourself and not the Durango Herald as promised.

Big Bikes said...

Oops. All better now.
I was really just trying to generate more traffic to my recycling traffic back to my site. It works like that doesn't it? Colin told me it works like that and he's the best Inter-netter in the Universe.