Thursday, September 10, 2009

Farm Bike Yeah!

My cousin Christy and her partner Chris run an organic farm down in Wrentham, MA. You may recall this place from such events as The Ice Weasels 'Cross race of '08 and my wedding (which I didn't blog about, but which was awesome). The place is called White Barn Farm, they run a CSA and sometimes set up a farm stand out on Route 1A down the street from The Outlets. If you're in the area you should check them out. M and I have been on the CSA all season and we've been eating like really, really healthy Kings (and Queens).

Christy and Chris helped out a ton with the wedding and I wanted to do some little something for them in return (I still feel like I owe them big time) so I built them up a utilitarian Farm Bike. It's basically an old Trek Multi-Track Hybrid set up with narrow diameter 29er tires, as big as I could fit on the frame (WTB Mutano Raptor and a Bontrager XDX 1.8) and a couple big baskets. Of course they got pink Big Cheese star grips and a bell as well. I rode the thing down to the coffee shop for a week to test it out, it's pretty sweet.

We delivered the bike last Monday, I took some photos, here they are:

This is the tree M and I got married under. The arc Christy is following is almost identical to a turn in the Ice Weasels course. There's a been a lot of talk about whether or not that thing is happening again, not sure yet, gonna have to talk to The Colin.

Chris gets on for a spin, word is the ride is "Smooth".
That's a 29er for ya.

Farm Bike went right to work, fetching us some lettuce and other vegetables for our salad that evening. The peppers and cukes were so freakin' good, I couldn't believe it.

Chris, Tyler, and Christy discuss potential uses for The Farm Bike.


On three...

Farm Bike Yeah!

Next up: Discussion of my chances this weekend down at The Landmine 50.


Il Bruce said...

How does Chris like the bike my father in law gave him?

Big Bikes said...

Ha! That was from your father in law, that is awesome, I heard all about it. Sounds pretty sweet. He's supposed to bring it by the shop so I can check it out sometime.


Il Bruce said...

We had some fruits of their labors at dinner Friday night. TH in laws were patients of Dr. Raymond and get a kick out of having a farm AND a bike race in the neighborhood.

I rode 70 miles with the old guy yesterday and his bride was only a bit behind us.