Monday, September 21, 2009

SSWC09 Part Five - Sort Of

Above Photos:
1.) Durango Cyclery was the hub, all the action emanated from there 2.) The D9 Van. These guys have a sick scene outside of SSWCs 3.) John Bailey (facing camera), one of the conductors of this symphony of madness 4.) Chad "Chainsaw" Cheeney a co-conductor of the madness symphony. He also works with the DEVO program. Too legit.

It's getting late and there's no point really of posting today's post so late that it's really tomorrow's post, right? There's just a lot to talk about is all, don't think I can get it all together and still get what I need to get done today done. I have thrown some photos into my previous posts, so check those out if you want. The camera did die a couple days into the trip, which was off-putting, but I managed to get out of "I have to take photos of every fucking thing mode" and deal. It was actually quite liberating.

What I give to you this afternoon is a preview, merely the notes I jotted down on the plane last night, with very little editing (this is what it looks like inside my brain, especially when I'm trying to sleep). These notes will, with any luck, prompt me to write something like a race report tomorrow. If some of the stuff below doesn't make sense to you, that's OK, some of it doesn't make sense to me either.

A sample of my notes:

Costume options, roll out, wig throw, oncoming traffic, Kelli Emmett, trying not to throw up, I should have tried harder, Chad, Travis’ bike, powerline, bad passes, DJ’s crack, hike-a-bike, whiny dude, Matt Savory, beer feed, sweating it out, raider ridge, Greg carpenter, Lynn Woods, dumb line, Darren from Ca on Kona, Shonny Vanlandingham, cheering , crowds, good old days, table top, baby head descent (find DH vid Ross Schnell, who is Ross Schnell?, rock slab/leg breaker, people all over course, Soulcraft guy, never seen anyone stronger, hot, pull down unitard, George, heard of this guy, 29th, tight switchbacks, catching folks, what Gears did the pros run, James 3D racing, moonscape tight rope traverse, praying for rain and thunder, stopping guy, catching like five dudes, doesn’t matter any way,there is only one place, next year a human might win not someone who gets paid to ride a bike, so thirsty,beer feed coors light, bacon whiskey twinkies, stuff in the bushes to screw you up, horrible at switchbacks, finish dale’s pale, pizza, mtb vids, no siesta, ska brewing, party you’d pay to go to, basketball, Dakota “you lace curtain motherfucker”, Ben Thornton, someone’s getting punched in the face, Deejay, Fuzzy fixed game, confusion about team affiliation, New Zealand, bands, food, art show, my piece hanging at Chainsaw Chad’s house, Hamish dissing my accent, “Marty’s not Irish you know?”, after party, Peter? From Misfit, Steven stopping beer truck, Trans rockies, after party, boa glowstick, PBR machine, Carl Decker is the man, streaker, air horn, Ron’s arch, , almost dying on way home,

Ben putting Brad on I.V.

End Notes

You know what would be a really fun writing exercise? Being given those notes by a stranger and then trying to piece together a story from them. Not like it's going to be too different from that when I sit down to write my report. The exceptionally, even uncharacteristically sleep-deprived version of me suffering from a compound hangover sitting on that plane last night is a strange dude.

All I want to do all week is sleep and drink water.


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misfitpsycles said...

The notes provided are an absolutely perfect synapse of the days experienced by you and 1000 (mostly) like-minded friends.

Some things (details) are just better left unsaid.