Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Freaky Photo...er, Monday, I Mean Tuesday

Even Dicky didn't get his Monday post up this week (and I was up at 5AM looking for it damn it!). I guess unprofessional cyclists who are professional Bloggers observe the largest of national holidays just like normal American humans. And I was just being lazy and irresponsible by not posting mine. I was away from the internets, down at the lake in Wrentham, leading a big-ass group ride. Not big-ass in the sense that a lot of people came, but big-ass in the sense that it took four hours or so. It's a good thing that I took a lot of photos because I'm not feeling super talkative this morning. So, photo captions for you!

That photo above: The Superfly literally floated up into that Buttonwood sometime during the night, it was amazing. In truth that did not happen, I hung it there. The winds were so high when I woke up in the AM, I half-expected to find the thing split in two over a steel lawn chair.

1.) Miriam gets a saddle height adjustment mid-ride. 2.) Pete drops in somewhere in Foxborough. 3.) Miriam and Pete debate whether to or not they are going to ride off the large rock behind them.

1.) Pete knew a great short cut which would cut out a section of Route 1, it involved riding through a junkyard. After doing a few laps, realizing that there was no trail out of the place, we opted to go out the front driveway...of a sketchy junkyard...on a Sunday. Portage! 2.) Pete felt so bad that he almost got us all mauled by Rottweilers and sprayed with rock salt, that he bought us all 65 cent cokes from 1988. 3.) Hello, it's me again!

1.) A section of The Warner Trail in Wrentham. Miriam traverses a slippery-ass foot bridge. 2.) Sara Bresnick-Zocchi shows the results of her plunge into the muck. She went right up to her knee, it was awesome. 3.) Pete: "That is some Stephen King shit". We rode away before alien-babies popped out and tried to suck out our brains.

We finished the day with the traditional descent off the face of the old abandoned ski hill, something that gets sketchier each time I do it. Eventually you'll need to rappel off the 200 foot drop with your bike.

It sounds crazy, but tomorrow I might actually talk about work.


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