Friday, September 04, 2009

NEMBA Explorers Ride

In case you haven't already heard via the various avenues I have employed to promote it, this Saturday there's an IBC NEMBA Explorers ride. For more photos and stories, check out this IBC Blog post.

You go do that and I'll sit here scrutinizing the SSWC09 Start List some more. No really, I think I can win this thing. Hell Dicky might not even come. That means I'll just have to contend with a bunch of losers with names like Carl Decker, Adam Craig, Ned Overend, Andy Schultz, Barry Wicks, Travis Brown, and "Jesse Lelonde" (I'm pretty sure he's related to Jesse Lalonde, but I hope not). I should have misspelled my name by one letter too, like "Thom Persons". That way my competitors wouldn't see me coming, then I'd bust a Ninja-move past them and get that tattoo that my Wife and Grandmother have always really wanted me to get. I suppose I could have also gone by my straight up Single-Speeder moniker "Thorn Parsons" (damn! I was hoping to link to Crossresults where "they" actually used to have one result with my name as Thorn. I liked that. That site sucks now). I suppose I should wait until I go underground, drop off the grid, grow my sideburns down to my knees, and become a full time Single Speed racer to take that name.

Thorn out.

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velocb said...

Thanks Thom Zoe had a great Birthday ride!