Monday, September 28, 2009

The Vermont 50 2009

  • Hours of sleep - Pretty much zero
  • Cups of coffee - Not quite one
  • Gear - 33 X 19
  • Precip - 100%
  • Tires - Bontrager XR1s 1.9
  • Flats fixed - 1
  • Flats ridden on for 3 miles - 1
  • Time on bike - 5:21
  • Result - 7th?

When I say pretty much zero sleep, I mean zero sleep. I can neither hear nor write. The report is forthcoming, suffice it to say, it was just about the hardest damn day on the bike I've ever had.

As far as what I know about the race in a more objective sense, Jesse Jakomait won in about 4:45, followed by Will Letendre, Jeff Whittingham, some guy who sounded German, Stephen Humphreys, some other guy who I don't know (yet), and me. Peter Ostroski made a charge from the back (he'd started with the young guys, maybe two minutes back), he ripped his derailleur off, turned his bike into a single speed, his drivetrain detonated and he had to scoot/coast his bike in...three minutes behind me. This proves that Peter Ostroski is so fast he could beat me while riding a Razor Scooter. Proves it..definitively. With science.

Check back soon ya hear.



Adirondack said...

Not to worry- conditions got progressively worse the further back in the field you were. Tough day on the bike (or mostly off as the case may be). Truly epic weather. Kept losing front brake due to mud and subsequent pad wear. Missed the turn for Garvin Hill with a bunch of other guys and rode down and back up a 400' vert. climb for a total of 3 or 4 miles until getting back to the course. 13th in SS for me after that fiasco. Still, I can't wait to try it again.

jerry said...

yo - thanks for the arm warmers for my dad. we ended up finding his so yours are still shiny. jason took them to return to you as he lives near you (sort of). wow - what a day. my dad and i pulled the plug running close to 10 hours at the 40 mile mark....looooong day.

dougyfresh said...

I heard it was pretty nasty. Sounds like comparisons to the wet and wild 2003 24hrs of Great Glenn.

Way to stick with it.

Rest up!!