Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SSWC09 Part Six

Above Photos, top to bottom left to right:
Marshall and Shanna check out Ron's Single Speed coaster brake Yeti full suspension bike 2.) Marshall, Eric, and Shanna on our failed course recon 3.) Durango local James (one of the tattoo artists who inked the SSWC winner's tattoos) talks us out of riding the course in a thunderstorm 4.) The COGS just kept getting bigger as the hype built.

Since you must be absolutely dying to know the explanation for each and every one of the items in my caffeine-fueled post race notes from yesterday, I have now written a report based almost entirely on that frantic mess. It is obviously not here, it is HERE, on the 29er Crew Site of course. So GO over THERE and get IT!

Have fun, see you tomorrow.


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Wheels said...

Once again, sounds like you managed to get the most out of the SSWC experience.