Thursday, September 17, 2009

SSWC09 Part Two

Yesterday was kind of a wash out. The day started out gorgeous, maybe even too hot and sunny, then it took a turn for the worse. By the time Shanna and Marshall and I got out for a course pre-ride the lightning began hitting the ridge. James, a local (and the tattoo artist who will be doing one of the winner's tattoos) spotted us from his pick up truck and implored us to bag it. He also told us that we should "go low" gear wise.

This post is going to have to be almost Tweet-like, gotta get out for a ride. Meeting up with SSWC05 winner Buck Keich for some pedaling out of Durango Cyclery.

The energy is definitely ramping up as more and more folks roll into town here. The kids from Scotland are here, I've sighted East Coast bad-ass Adam Snyder, Troy Wells, and Travis Brown (word is he ripped the course in two hours).

The beer is great everywhere you go, the coffee is spot on as well. The Barbecue at Sean's house last night was a good time, super nice place, all the houses here are really cool. Funky as hell.

Everywhere you look there are Single Speeders, wild facial hair is the norm and overheard conversation generally revolves around gear ratios and varying reports about the course. Lies about the course are...par for the course at SSWC. Of course.

My legs are itching to pedal, gotta get out on the 33 X 21 and see how it feels in then thar hills.

More tomorrow.



beth said...

sooo sad to be missing out this year and i anxiously await all updates!! thanks for posting even with out photos.. tell shanna and marshface hi for me!

CB2 said...

Sound sort of Utopian