Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know that some days you must stop by here and say to yourself "Man, I wish Thom P. would stop talking so much and posting so many narcissistic (sweet, spelled it right the second time!) self-portraits. Can't he just tell me what he ate for breakfast and how many watts he put out during his commute?".

Egg & Cheese from Dunkin Donuts (we were out of eggs and spinach at home) and not too many on my recovery ride into a brutal headwind.

Wind, I do hate it. Yesterday I tried to do a little endurancy spin up to Concord on the way to my sister's for Easter dinner. I basically did three-quarters of the ride into a headwind and the last quarter with a ripping tailwind. Then I ate John Goodman's weight in Mac & Cheese and Ham and lay about sweating and groaning for the remainder of the day. I love Mac & Cheese as much as I hate wind. If the wind blew Mac & Cheese into my mouth while I rode, I might reconsider. Until then wind can take a flying f#%*! at a rolling doughnut.

You know that I can't even spell "Doughnut" right thanks to Dunkin Donuts? I imagine many children in Massachusetts grow up with this handicap.

So ya, I'm going to sleep now, I will tell you a couple more fascinating things and then good night.

Wednesday April 15th, IBC MTB ride in Cutler Park, out of the Newton Shop, as in meet at the shop, 71 Needham St., 6PM, no lights required. We'll ride at whatever pace the group dictates until it begins to get dusky out and the Coyotes begin circling. Call over the shop if you have any questions - 617-527-0967.

Saturday, NEMBA Fells opening day. IBC 'll be there, leading rides, doing tech support, giving away popcorn. It's the first weekend you can legally have fun in The Fells. I personally cannot wait.

That's all I got for now.
Oh, I just got clued into how awesomely Cyclingdirt is covering The Root 66 Series. I grabbed the below video from their site. Watch for the guy with purple sleeves (I forgot my arm warmers) in 20th place at the start. I use The Jefferson's model when it comes to mountain bike racing - Movin' On Up.

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Luke S said...

mmm what are these "doughnuts" you speak of?