Friday, April 17, 2009

On the D List

I don't know this for a fact, but after consulting with my guy who I consult with when technological matters cause me confusion, it seems that my "crowing" over the fact that Big Bikes had come to occupy the top Google spot for the keyword search "Big Bikes" may have caused the Google Death-Bots to de-list my site. You can't be serious Death Bots.

Have a heart death bots, don't be as cold and uncompromising as WADA. Guys who forgot to get a Doctor's note for their Asthma medication shouldn't have to miss The Le Tour De France and guys who ride their bikes a lot and like to talk crazy about stuff on their blog shouldn't have their site blocked from keyword searches.

Jeez Death Bots, can't you take a freakin' joke? Like anything I do over here effects The Leading Designer & Distributor of Cruising & Touring Accessories in any way.

Yes, most people who Google my site find it by way of "Big Bikes", but you can keep it Big Bike Parts Inc., you and your little buddy with the laser-beam-shooting eyes, Ted The Google Death-Bot. People can still find my site with othe popular searches like "Bigbikes", "Thom Parsons", and "Bikes for fat people".

I guess what I'm trying to say, in so many words is...
suck it!

The week actually ended with a surlpus of bike-related material, but I have to be up extra early tomorrow so I'll have to space all those amazing stories and photos out over next week. That and there's a shiny-metal-dude with glowing red eyes knocking on the door. Gotta go.



Mookie said...

T- long time, first time. You probably already knew this, but don't companies pay Google a premium for searches on keywords that would lead them to their site? So in theory even if you had 100,000 readers wouldn't Big Bikes, Inc. always come out on top? My buddy worked in advertising and he said it's all based on probabilities. For instance, they will even bid on mistyped words. Googling "Big Gikes" and "Big Vikes" (both "v" and "g" are adjacent to "b") brings you to Big Bike Parts.

Raineman said...

Hey Thom. There is a PhD doing research on anaerobic power and capacity as predictors of MTB performance who is looking for racers to participate.
This goes for all of you who folow Thom's Well fo Wisdom.
His e-mail is: