Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Epically Stoopid Thursdays

You know you're screwing around on your bike properly when ten minutes into the ride you've bent your XT Disc brake lever and ten minutes after that you're fixing a flat and noticing a dented rim while your bruised tailbone throbs. Riding this bike is so different from riding my 29ers. At speed it is amazing. Downhill, amazing. But on flat or uphill technical stuff the 29ers kick its ass. I feel more prone to going over the bars in slow speed stuff on this thing...and I've got six inches of travel. The things it does well though, yikes. I feel like an entirely different person riding it. I wouldn't dream of trying the stupid stuff I do on this bike on my other bikes.

Remedy Ride from thom parsons on Vimeo.

The crazy kids have been busy in "the woods about five minutes from my house". They've taken what was a pretty good downhill, added berms and a table top, and generally made it exponentially more awesome. Just the thing to do a different kind of hill rep on. Downhill reps. Like a shuttle run...without the shuttle. I still think I might be the only Remedy 8 owner who runs up the hill with his bike. I've been meaning to start running, thinking it would be a great weapon to have in the Single-Speeding arsenal. Gotta get off and walk? Why not run your ass off? Why not? Because I can't really run. Something me and my 32 Lb. Orange friend are going to work on. The fun way.

Roll the dice...
since I had the Helmet Hero Cam with me I kept going faster and faster at this log ride until Bam! Went down on my backside -hard. Like a snowboard crash. Can't recall ever really going down like that on a bike. The bark slid away and I slid out. Don't know how long this "sick stunt" will last, but it's gonna be fun while it does. The "ramp" is really just a sheared off piece of a large tree laid on its side. The next crash sequence might be that "ramp" breaking and me flying skinny ass over coffee pot into the woods.

My Cross bike is going to feel pretty light this fall


PVD said...

I did a 2 hour trail ride on my M6 on sunday. Rode up to the top of Pine Mountain via Tamarancho. Then blasted Hapersberger. I would have done it in less time, but the dog was out of shape.

I have a new rear shock on it, on of the CCDB shocks. Amazing! The 9.5" rear end on the bike is so nice for pedaling now. You should look into getting one. Really amazing.



dicky said...


I'm chasing PVD around the interweb. Sent him an email, PM'ed him on MTBR, and now I'm following up his comment here. Do you have his contact info? I want them bolts.

teamdicky at hotmail dot com