Friday, April 03, 2009

Hey Race of Truth,
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't ready to kick—your—freakin—ass

EFTA's King of Burlingame Time Trial is this Sunday. It is an off-road time trial but like Greg Lemond before me, I am an innovator, an early-adopter of controversial technologies. I will likely be the only rider at the event utilizing Aerodynamic equipment heretofore unseen in the realm of mountain bike racing.

Photo Cred: Jason WG

I went over to The Shop today for a fitting on my Superfly, which has been adapted into a mean Time Trial Machine. Master bicycle fitter, Craig Gaulzetti worked with me. We came to the conclusion that for my purposes running the TT helmet in reverse was actually much more effective.

Photo Cred: Jason WG

The IBC wind tunnel came in handy today. Kind of a bold move, buying a quarter million dollar wind tunnel in this economic climate but I believe it will pay off. I also believe in Yetis and Zombies.

Photo Cred: Jason WG

The Bontrager Aeolus wheels coupled with Mud-X tires. A winning combination. The Mud-X is my, as they say, "Go to tire". It doesn't roll too bad on hard pack or tarmac and when the going gets gnarly it hooks up better than anything.

Meanwhile back in reality...

Got a package in the mail from Endless Bikes, the official cog sponsor of Big Bikes. Hey, Lance Armstrong doesn't even have a cog sponsor. Make that two things I have that he doesn't. The new Kick Ass Cog design looks great. I threw a new 17t on the back, on the ride after my Tri-fitting it felt great too.

Left to right, top to bottom:

a.) with theses new additions to my Russian-Nuclear-Weapons-stockpile-during-the-cold-war-esque arsenal of cogs, I now have an array ranging from 15 up to 22t. As I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot more about in the future. b.) I was all suited up and ready to go when I remembered I had to swap out my cog and spacers. I'm like a Golden Retriever after it's already seen you grab the leash off the coat rack once my bibs are on. Just working on my bike my heart rate's at 150BPM. c.) Endless Bikes also sent along their Fibonacci Spacer Kit. The old, very, very pro set up of mis-matched 9 and 10 speed cassette spacers, rescued from customers discarded drivetrains was pretty sweet, but these things are a whole lot sweeter. And lighter. And they look really nice and clean. d.) That's them, the old spacers. Nice eh? You can have them for one can of Dale's Pale Ale. OK, half a can, but nobackwashsies.

By the way (Longhand for BTW) more people tuned into Big Bikes than ever before yesterday. I guess I should have horribly traumatic, emotionally scarring pranks pulled on me more often. Can somebody say "Schadenfreude"? Because I can't. My German pronunciation is scheisse.


solobreak said...

A long time ago, when the district 40k TT was still in Middleboro, the Gonsalves brothers came and rode it on their mountain bikes. They were purists, so they used Ground Controls (the hot tire back then) pumped up to 80 psi. I don't remember their exact times, but Kenny beat a lot of people on road bikes. I think he rode around a 1:04. Imagine if he'd had and aero helmet...

solobreak said...


I always do that. I'm really not that illiterate.

Wheels said...

I like the no front wheel idea, less rolling resistance. But, the advantage may be nullified due to the wind resistance as you pop a wheelie the whole way.

MrFrenzy said...

Thom, you using a White ENO? Looks like their design on the cogs. Kinda think I want to put a fixed gear on my real TT bike.

Big Bikes said...

Nope, no Eno. I have used one on the cross bike with great success. Being a dedicated single speeder I rely on quick cog changes, sometimes in-between a course pre-ride and start time. White uses a freewheel system. Freewheels can be awkward to remove, not to mention expensive to stockpile in multiple increments (if you get quality ones like White Ind.).

What I've got is a Bontrager Race X Lite with a 9 speed Freehub spaced out for Single Speed. Works wicked good.

Racing cross on a single speed your gear ratio don't matter nearly so're screwed no matter what!

Anonymous said...

The April Fools post was amazing. This Friday post is not far behind. Pinn' it in RI.

Areo tuck all the way.

rick is! said...

I didn't think the first pic was you until I saw the second. Now, there we go.

PVD said...

You should send me a few of those cogs so I can drill about 80 holes in them. Probably save you about 3 grams.

What's up with TT bars on an MTB fit? Have I told you that all I'm doing for fit these days is measuring knee angle and a scale under each tire. It works better than anything else I've tried.

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Thom, you Rock!