Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Been doing a bit off cross-posting. Putting stuff up over on the 29er Crew site that is basically a re-hashing of stuff I've already done over here at The Big Bikes. Not the case today. I actually wrote something wicked awesome specifically for that site. It is a re-telling of events at The Hop Brook race only with more of a Thom-is-smoking-tons-of-crack-cocaine-feel to it. Haven't piqued your interest yet? I'll just say that it involves Sasquatch suits, me getting kicked in the nuts, and is almost 100% made up. OK it is 100% made up.

So go check it out. That way when Fisher 29er Crew Team Manager Travis Ott looks at the site stats he'll be all like "Whoah, that cat Thom P. sent us four referrals! We should tell him to quit his job at The Bike Shop and pay him a six figure salary to travel the world doing bike races, eating weird food, and generally being a raving dumb-ass".

Help me realize my dream, go read my post over on the 29er Crew Site. It's what Jesus would do (if he worked a desk job and had low standards and lots and lots of time on his hands). It's what Gewilli would do any way.



zencycle said...

love the 'monty python meets beavis and butthead' graphics

mkr said...

What the hell did you post over there ... must have been some crazy stuff as they pulled the page content (getting a 404 not found error). Either that or the link listed is hosed up.

Big Bikes said...

Ah, I ended up making an edit, then re-posting, it got all screwed up, double-posted...
Should be fine now.

Thanks for the catch.


the original big ring said...

what would Jebus do?

save me Jebus!

Wheels said...

OK, now I'm afraid.