Thursday, April 09, 2009

It Will all Make Sense in Time,
Just Keep Reading

This is totally un-bike-related, but it's the funniest thing I can think of right now. On second thought, it is bike related because it occurred in a bike store. So never mind.

The other night M and I had my niece and nephew in for their first sleep over in The Big City of Somerville. They live in the Burbs and wonder why we park our car on the street. "Where's your driveway Uncle Thom?". That's right, Uncle Thom. And I used to live in a cabin, I'm not kidding, I really did. It was full of spiders. One bit me on the face while I was sleeping. I respect spiders, but I hate them...because I fear them. They probably fear me too, until I'm sleeping, then they crawl up and bite me on the fucking face. "Not so scary now, are ya puffy face?".

Quick sleep over synopsis:

we went to the park up on Eastern Ave. where I sometimes do hill repeats, the guys did slide repeats, then we went to Spike's for hot dogs, then we went to the video store where we debated getting The Wizard of Oz or some random, crappy,made for T.V. Xmas movie my Nephew grabbed off the shelf and insisted vehemently was better than The Wizard of Oz, with a surreptitious cue from me the clerk informed Noah that the DVD he had selected was actually broken, it worked, we picked up some ice cream and popcorn and lit out for the house where we stayed up too late and ate too much junk food, perfect, after a couple stories the guys were out, no problem, in the AM Noah woke up at, in his words
"Six-Zero -Four", I woke up at Seven-Zero-Zero, so he had time to open up Miriam's lap top and Google "Noah" and "AAA", apparently he's a budding narcissist who might require road-side assistance, of course I told his mother he Googled "Boobies" and "Bum Bums", we had some pancakes at Soundbites, then went to the shop. We were the first ones there (I know I said this would be quick, doesn't using commas as the only punctuation make it seem quick? Alright, I'll knock it off.).

The kids ran amok, riding every bike in the store, I thought they might get a kick out of our massive hydraulic lift (which oddly enough factors into tomorrow's post as well)we use to take bikes up to the warehouse, Lyla was with me, but Noah wanted to do his own thing. He was not to be swayed. I had to get creative. "Hey Noah, the lights are still out, that means that the dogs might still be loose". "What dogs?". "At night, when we close the doors, we let the dogs out. They're these two HUGE Doberman Pinschers with big teeth and glowing red eyes". Lyla piped in "What're their names?". "Siegfried and Roy".

Noah fell in line, right on my heels as we went over to the lift.

I was going to tell you some other stuff but I ran into Big Dan B. on the way home tonight, and after chasing him up the Arlington Water Tower a couple times, I am shattered. That guy can spin out some watts so smoothly, it looks like he ain't workin' at all. If he hadn't snapped his seatpost, he would be The King Of Burlingame, without a doubt.



Big Bikes Reader Steve said...

You should be happy to know you're #1 on Google this morning

Luke S said...

That park on Eastern Ave is called Robbins Farm. And it definined my early childhood. When those kids get older take them sledding there, they'll get a kick out of the name of the hill (the big lower one that is). The locals call it "Suicide" hill. I never thought about using that thing as a place to work out....maybe I'll have to bust out the rollerskis up that sometime.