Monday, April 06, 2009

(Not The) King of Burlingame

First race of the season, time to work the bugs out in more ways than one. I think that's all I've got. I'm attempting to write in the morning here, not normal, maybe I need to wait for the coffee to kick in. Alright, I'll begin doing a "and then...and then" race report and see if something happens. I've got less than an hour to do this too, also not normal. And...go!

During the off-season, Sundays have been a day of partial rest for me. At least I get to sleep in, working off the huge sleep debt I have amassed over the week. It was tough to break out of that and wake up at 4:45AM, in the dark, to go to a race which was two hours away and would likely last a mere half hour. We did plan on riding with some people afterward to make it worth the trip. 4:45, I wish I'd slept that "late". I was up at 2:45. When sleep-deprived my math skills are the first to go, this includes being able to tell time apparently. I looked at the clock, it said 2:45, I was supposed to get up at 4:45, I "did the math" and figured I was only up an hour early and began drinking coffee. Once the coffee started to do its thing I realized I was up a solid two hours early. Oops. So I watched an episode of Angel and drank the first three cups of what would amount to about a gallon of coffee that day.

Then I went to pick up Reuters and Linnea. Cary Fridrich had bailed on us, he sent his cancellation email as I was waking up, it was this drunken slur of an email too, "Sozzle, blozzle, flozzum, I'm tired, I don't wanna ride in a car for two hours to race my bike for a half hour, burp! Hic!". He was obviously hammered but he was making a whole lot sense.

"He's using every bit of the road Paul. Well, that was a bit too close for comfort!"

Then we were driving down the highway, we were about half an hour into our trip, cutting it close for getting a pre-ride in anyway when Colin realized that he had left his bag of EVERYTHING in the house...or his car...or on the sidewalk. So I turned the family fun wagon around and began driving against traffic down 128 back to Somerville at 85 MPH. This blew our chance of a pre-ride but with a little more focus behind the wheel and a little more pressure on the gas pedal, we arrived in time for something that resembled a warm up if you tilted your head slightly and squinted your eyes enough.

Alright, this is uncharacteristically ridiculous of me but I am out of writing time for today and I must got to work, therefore I absolutely must do this:

To be continued...

Oh wait, before I go. We're doing Cutler Park rides out of the Newton shop now, all NEMBA sanctioned and everything, 6PM Wednesday night, no lights required, we'll just ride until we run out of daylight. Check the IBC event calendar for details and come on out!

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Cary said...

Hahaha. Good times. Just reg'd for this weekend's start of the "real full-length" mtb season as Rooter would call it. Sometimes when you register for bike races in February, more important things come up unannounced. Like Fells opening day.