Friday, April 10, 2009

New Lid

Man, I thought I had something to say tonight. Now I'm pretty sure I'm going to blurt out a couple random things then trail off and fall asleep on the couch. First random thing, I got a new helmet. My old Giro Atmos had developed three defined cracks, rendering it beyond useless. If I had taken a direct hit, I would have been dead or worse. I could have spent the rest of my days with the intellectual capacity of a Brussels Sprout (but how would we know the difference?) Hey! Save it, I'm making fun of myself here, no need for you to chime in.

Now I don't remember taking a hit that would have cracked it like that. There was that time I woke up next to a parked car wearing lipstick and Lederhosen while I was on my way home from Redbones though.

So I ordered a new Team helmet. It's a Trek Sonic Helmet. Which is just as light, or lighter, and every bit as ventilated as the much more expensive Atmos. I'm a good salesman huh? And, as you can see form the above photograph of my very scientific testing process, it is actually much stronger. "Sonic smash Atmos - Smash!".

Got my hours in today on the bike, which cut into my writing hour(s). Went out on a shop ride with some of the boys from The IF Elite Team. They're doing these rides every Thursday night out of our Newton shop at 5:30. The pace is brisk and steady, but not brutal. Maybe 20-24MPH and not very hilly at all. Check the Event Calendar for details. It was nice for me to ride with these guys. They made me realize I'd been neglecting my spin. Being surrounded by five Cat 1's who can pedal a bike way the hell better than you'll do that to an octagon pedaling clod like myself.

After we looped back to the shop I threw my pack and lights on and kept on rolling out to Weston, Lincoln and Lexington. As I turned down Trapelo road the moon was huge and orange and hanging low in the sky over the city. You never know when you're gonna see something so god damn beautiful, it'll blow your silly, little cycling socks off. Guess you just have to keep getting out there and pedaling until it comes along.

Ok, what really happened to the Atmos. The Sonic didn't smash it. It carried it off while I wasn't looking, wrestled it under the hydraulic lift, and crushed it alive while it laughed maniacally. I'm hoping I can harness the evil power of the helmet and wield it against my enemies.

Racing Saturday down in Connecticut (one of those words I'm always psyched to spell correctly the first time, I usually want to double the n and the t's, like Mississippi, Connectticutt) at The Hopbrook Dam. I'll have my race report on your desktop first thing Monday. See you then.


Photo Cred: Jason WG


PVD said...

You pussy.

I don't think a helmet of mine makes it though a full month before developing a crack. I then use it for a few years or at least until it starts falling apart.

Sure a cracked helmet won't work at 100% of it's designed rating but it will work to around 90% when massively compromised. In my experience (uh, lots), if you need that last 10% then you are so fucked that you will be lucky to eat only pudding for the rest of your life regardless of the condition of you helmet.

Really, don't waste money on helmets just because it's been dropped or crashed a few times. It's a marketers dream.

This topic completely pisses me off. I've heard so much bullshit from the biggest fags about this and that. I even listened to a guy say he was sending his motorcycle helmet in because he dropped it on the ground once. I couldn't convince him otherwise. Huh? I use motorcycle helmets with 2 or 3 impact crashes for years.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps these repeated blows to the head might explain your anger issues.


Raineman said...

Ever seen a helmet orgy? It happens every night in the man cave where I hang my ethinically diverse brain buckets.
Judging from the jealous glare, the Sonic is a raging monogamist. If she starts following you around, lure her to the lift.

zencycle said...

I agree with PVD. I have two helmets going on ten years old. Neither one has any cracks that you would be able to flex the helmet and see the crack open, but they've both been crashed on, smacked by teammates open hands, dropped, etc.

I _would_ like a new one just because they both look like hell now. I want a red/white/blue to replace the one I always ride, but it seems no one is making Patriotic helmets these days. commie bastards.

Big Bikes said...

Please allow me to clarify -

these three cracks were actually chasms. When flexed they separated completely. Tell me THAT doesn't compromise its structural integrity. The thing was damn near busted in half. Probably crushed during shipping or by the airline or something, definitely not lipstick and lederhosen related as I mentioned-afore.

Believe me, I've got a Bell Sweep R with most of the back-end broken off. I'm constantly telling people that it's merely cosmetic.

Al, you're scaring me.


rick is! said...

the razer genesis is red and white and is killer comfy. put some blue collar comedy tour stickers and be patriotic as all get out!

rick is! said...

woops, forgot the link.