Sunday, January 11, 2009

Off Task, On Subject

While I'm working on more bicycle related material, hopefully something more substantial than me actually breaking down and riding the trainer (I'd rather use embrocation for chamois cream),
something like me hardening the fuck up and going outside in the 20° slushy weirdness, I will share this with you.

After a discussion pertaining to how I could possibly be unaware of the existence of the band MGMT, my good buddy Uri "The Technological Omniscient One" Halevi showed me this piece of shear, unadulterated brilliancy yesterday:

Uri has just started up a Blog. I can't believe it has taken him this long to get with the program. He is the type of person who should have a blog. He is full of improbable knowledge, crazy ideas, and bizarre facts, he has a lot to share, sometimes it is simply baffling...but always interesting. I linked to him above but here it is again, check it out:
...A Placeholder
The ellipsis is not mine (for once) it is actually in the title of the blog.

Check back monday for a sick helmet cam video of me riding the trainer, watching The Colbert Report and Top Gear.


Anonymous said...

I watched that video like 10 times!


micro1985 said...


I establish bicycle-related blog.

Would you link to my blog by all means?

[ ]

In addition, I come to look.

Bullitt said...

I saw that band years ago at Disney World. Their first album was better than their newer stuff.