Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video, Rodeos, and The Zombie Plague

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At the moment I'm still working on getting all the Granogue footage sorted out for Cyclingdirt. I still have to, I say have to, edit vids of the Elite Masters and the Elite Women from day two. The Elite Men day two vid IS up. Somehow I managed to capture the back-and-forth, one-on-one battle for the win between Jesse Anthony and Swiss U23 rider, Valentin Scherz. Valentin overcame what looked to be an insurmountable gap and then Anthony flipped the script, taking it right down to the line to win by a quarter wheel.

I did take a little break to go over and talk about goats on Bike Rumor.

Now I have to take a bigger break and take the frickin' T (that's the subway for you non-Boston folk) over to Newton to get the IBC van for a bike rodeo I'm working tomorrow AM in Needham. I never miss a chance to hog tie and brand children while getting paid. I usually try to avoid the train at all costs, I feel like riding the train is how people get sick, but since I'm the one who's sick right now...screw it, I'll be like patient zero for whatever Zombie-Flu-Plague I'm carrying.

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