Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weird Beard

You must be wondering what the hell is going on over here at the Big Bikes, well shoot...I don't really know. I am definitely spread a little thin on the inner-nets these days. In fact, today I am spreading thinly right over to the IBC blog, where I did a little write up about the kids bike rodeo I worked yesterday. It is actually pretty silly. Maybe too silly. I incorporate a story about my stupid beard, it's great. So ya, the stupid beard, "what's with that you non-blogging-regularly- douche-bag?" You ask. It's for Halloween, but I'm not sure how exactly it is going to be utilized yet. There are options:

I could go with C. Everett Koop, even though that costume is probably going to be as popular as Lady Gaga and Snooki from Jersey Shore this year.

It might not read well unless I dye my beard white, so that might be out.

I could go with Captain Ahab. I would look forward to going around talking like Gregory Peck all night. If I went this route, I'm afraid I'd go nuts and try to transform my bike into a white whale.

Too ambitious maybe.

Then there's the obvious, Abraham Lincoln thing. Yawn! Although I may have a twist that would make this costume viable. And no, it doesn't involve bullet wounds.

I could go more obscure and dress up as miniature Curtis Inglis. No one would get this one and I really only threw it out there as an entertaining aside for BB readers (that's what we're going to call Big Bikes from now on, because god knows I got no time to spell it out). I've always thought that there's nothing lamer than dressing up as someone you know. It only works if you're going to the same party as that person and if that party is the only place you're going. Too many times I've heard "It's great, I even colored in half my front tooth with Sharpie to make it look like I have a gap in my teeth JUST LIKE HE DOES, it's amazing!" Yes, amazing, next time do us all a favor and go out as Snooki.

Really what I should do is go out as the celebrity I most resemble: The Leprechaun.

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zencycle said...

you're too tall to be a leprechaun.