Friday, October 08, 2010

Night Weasels Cometh: The Videos

Visit for more Videos

I stayed up 'til 2AM editing this thing, and I'm leaving for the Kingdom Trails in about an hour, so what I'm going to write about today is how I stayed up 'til 2AM editing this thing because I have no time for anything else.

Sounds like George "Not The Evil-Moron" W will be up there as well. We'll be demoing BIKES on Saturday AM at East Burke Sports, so come and play with us if you're in the neighborhood.

Oh, and all the post-race interviews for Der Nacht Wiesels Kommen-eth are up on Cyclingdirt.

I'll have a whole lot to say about the 2011 Trek Bikes when I get back from Vermont. See you then.


Pain Face said...

Nice job on the video, editing video goes a long way!

CB2 said...

I was up at 3:00 AM watching them.

Colin R said...

Man, you are the man.

Big Bikes said...

Thanks youz.

The amount of useless footage taken on Wednesday night hit a new mark.

Feel bad about the womens' race, didn't have anything I could use really.


Colin R said...

I had my GoPro HD on SBZ's bars. it's probably usable in the well-lit areas. I'll pull something together.