Thursday, October 28, 2010

Podcast Experiment #2: Some People Need To Chill

I was going to try to hold off on utilizing my new found audio POWER, maybe metering the podcasts out at a rate of one per week; but I just couldn't do it. Last night, when I recorded the first of my Ultra Endure Guy "podcasts" (I'm still not sure if it is technically a podcast until I get it into itunes...a step that is evading me right now) I went a little nuts, recording maybe five blog post readings in all. And there are more in the works.

I assure you, Ultra Endure Guy is real, he lives in California, and I have no idea why I felt that a Boston townie accent was the appropriate voice for him...I guess it's an attitude thing.

I really hope he:

a.) Has a sense of humor


b.) Doesn't feel like using up his frequent flier miles coming to Boston to kill me

In this episode Ultra Endure Guy rules the Serotta forum with an iron fist and sucks womens' cogs "like no other."

"I took some shit today for a classified ad on the Serotta forum today"
Ultra Endure Guy Part Two


George said...

To me it looks like Ultra Endurace guy hasnt updated his blog since September 2009.
Not much endurance there...

Colin R said...

After listening to this I want to kill him. But he is really you, so watch your back, Parsons.

gewilli said...

where'd it f'n go?

Big Bikes said...

Gewilli, it is back now, don't know what happened there...still figuring this stuff out.

And I'm serious about requests.
Give me a short blog post to read and I'll do it in townie, Walken, Heston, Quebecois, Drunk Scotsman, Sean Connery/Patrick Stewart, whatever.


rosey said...

i know who ultra endure guy is. wanna know how he got all that money to buy really expensive bikes?

yup, insurance fraud. real class act.

Big Bikes said...


I have to admit that I felt a little bad doing these, now I don't.

I knew a little about Brunk from Gaulzetti and Embrojames, both of whom have had firsthand experience with the dude, but I didn't know anything about the insurance fraud business. Thanks, I feel better now.

Peter Keiller said...

i will send you a listing of my rss feeds. if you could read the sonsabitches to me every day that would be huge time saver.

the only thing missing is video.
yes. video put you over the top...all the while saving your personal 'a' materials for whoring to the press!


CB2 said...

I need to get the whole Ultra Endurance Guy collection, so I can listen to them before races slamming Red Bull.

Raineman said...

You are officially of the must read list since you have an ad touting Charlie Bass as candidate, you rotten google sell out. Or not.

Anonymous said...

22 million in insurance fraud gets you a ton of endurance.