Sunday, October 31, 2010

If You Can't Handle The Pressure Then Get The F— Out Of The Kitchen

This is one for the much-neglected early rising readers of Big Bikes...or for the vampires (like me) who are still up past midnight on a Sunday. I can't quite figure out how to make the podcast go live and have the link not go dead after a little while without publishing immediately. This only precludes me from pretending that I got up and wrote this crap at 5AM like some Dicky. I also can't figure out how to get the podcast to work without creating a link field and screwing up the whole linked title thing. And I know how you guys love the linked titles so you can just share links to Big Bikes posts all over the place like a bunch of crazy people.

OK wait, maybe I did figure it out...I'm a genius, or not, we'll see. I'll try this "enclosure link" business and see if it works, and being the over-sharer that I am, I will show my work here regardless of the outcome. Peter had the suggestion that I go straight to video, and I tried...I won't share what I tried to do with the video stuff, but it didn't work out. But it would be great if I could work out the video thing, because, at least in my defective mind, it is easier to deal with video than audio. So look for the video later in the week, all you really need to know is that Peter is going to be sorry he requested it.

In today's episode, Ultra Endure Guy drops some major science, real heavy stuff man. Check it out.

"Put Yourself On The Edge Of Yourself" Ultra Endure Guy Part III

Oh, and if you missed out on the controversy I started over on Bike Rumor (just because I made fun of dudes with yellow Hummers and told people to steal air out of their tires...what?), then I suppose you could check that out. Make sure to read all the angry comments. I don't think they get me over there like you people do.


rick is! said...

doood, I get jokes.

why do people on bike rumor have sticks up their butts?

you've stumbled on something serial killers and "reality tv" people already know, it's easiest to become famous when everyone hates you.

gob said...

UEG fucken ROCKS! Too good.

gewilli said...

hell uploading videos is cake man...

you've seen my f'n podcasts man - they suck but with a web cam and basic Logitec (or what ever fucking brand of webcam you got) software and boom. instant movie file.

fuck with it in iMovie or Winblows movie maker and hit fucking upload in the Blogger software bitch.


come on TP

that said - we need some good french canuck stuff - i just can't find any short interesting blogs besides fatmarc's

Uri said...

I was gonna respond to moped guy on the BR post, but then I saw his website, and I decided against it.

Big Bikes said...

Ya, too bad Moped man doesn't have a comments function on his blog. "Anti-racism" is definitely the biggest problem in this country today.

Anonymous said...

UEG rules.