Monday, October 18, 2010

Something Stronger Than Coffee

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The flower-power Pedro's Sprinter van piloted by Dave Wilcox dropped me off at my house at about 1:30Am last night. I went down to Delaware for the Granogue cross races sick and sleep-deprived and only "improved" on that position. I ran on nothing but Dunkin Donuts and Coca Cola all weekend long. On Sunday morning I said to Dave, "Now I understand why doctors do so many drugs. I just have to talk to people today, if I had to perform surgery on someone...I would need something stronger than coffee."

All the interviews are up on Cyclingdirt. Of course there's also Pete Bradhshaw's helmet-cam video from day one (above). He was so inspired by the wearing of the camera that he went right to the front of the race on lap one, all the riders parted like the red sea for him and the rider whose wheel he was holding, it was kind of amazing.

I'll have helmet-cam stuff from Wilcox and highlight videos from both days up later today.

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