Friday, October 01, 2010

At Least I'm Consistent

Consistently a douche!

I know I've spent the entire week re-directing you to the 29er Crew blog for the Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race Reports. Well, I hate to do this to you...wait a second, no I don't, I love to do it. I'm like a re-directing Marque De Sade over here and I'm going to re-direct you to the International Bike blog for my write ups about a couple things:

The Kids Bike Donation I worked on with Nicole Freedman and Mayor Menino over in Roxbury. That was fun.


The post about further preparation of kids bikes in the scary attic of IBC. It involves Embrocation Cycling Journal, Vampires, Raiders of The Lost Ark, and other things that are scary. Not that Embrocation Cycling Journal is scary. Well, the price of an issue is scary, but not like crap your pants scary. Not like Raiders Of The Lost Ark face-melting scary, not like that.

It is time for the computer to go away for the night, I have stared at it far too long today pursuing more legitimate on-line pursuits that I will hopefully be able to talk about soon.

Alright, one more thing...

I will be down at The Fells Saturday morning, leading rides NEMBA's Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day while representing my sponsor International Bicycle Center. I think I'm doing the 10 and 11 AM rides, so come on down if you're semi-local.

And annuver fing...

I'll be up at The Gran Prix of Gloucester this Sunday drinking the beer and watching the cross. If you haven't come up to Stage Fort Park to watch this race, I highly recommend you do so. It is an amazing venue and the racing is always INSANE.

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