Friday, October 15, 2010

There's Something I've Been Meaning To Tell You

When I was in fifth grade my parents had another child. A couple weeks after IT was born my mom came to pick me up at school with IT in tow. My teacher, Mr. Bishop, seemed shocked when he saw my mom holding a relatively newborn baby, "Thom how come you didn't tell us you have a new baby brother?" "It didn't occur to me" I replied, but in fifth grade-speak it probably came out more like "Um...I dunno."

And that's kind of how I feel right now. I have entirely failed to mention the fact that I will be going down to Delaware to cover the big weekend of cross racing at Granogue for Cyclingdirt. I was going to be going down with the guys from Embrocation in their new Sprinter-type van, but due to an insurance snafu, the van is not going to be street legal in time. Instead I will be bumming a ride with the dudes from Pedro's. This will mark the first time that I have covered an event that I am not racing in as well. I will be doing my best Colt impression all weekend long, I even have his semi-legit, big HD camera, but shit...I better get some lifts in my Vans.

And hey, if you aren't checking my totally sweet Twitter feed or my Facebook status updates like the other three people who read this thing, I wrote a little something about a nutty IF Single-Speed with a Niner fork made special for SSWCs over on the Bike Rumor.

I'm feelin' a little under the weather, so I am going to crash instead of staying up babbling, but we'll have lots to talk about Monday...or Tuesday.

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zencycle said...

Make sure you tell christine o'donnell 'hi' and thanks for winning the republican nomination from all of us