Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Caption Cop Out

What can I say dude, I finished a 5.5 + hour ride with my buddy Colin at 8:45 tonight. I am shelled. No, not that Colin, because I try to avoid calling that Colin by his real name (I steal some of his power that way). A different Colin, a secret Colin. We went from Somerville to Arlington to Concord to Chelmsford to Bedford to Lexington and back to Somerville, mostly off-road and none of it in anything like a direct way. It was epic in the truest sense of the word.

So Ya, photo captions...

Steve Cobble from NEMBA and K-Sweet (I called him "Kevin" the other night by accident and the next thing I knew, I was waking up in a pool of my own blood and feces) from...the Finger Lakes region of New York move a massive pile of gravel at the Cutler Park Trail care day in Needam a couple weeks back.

VeloCB at Cutler, dropping the hammer in the wheelbarrow race.

Staples (like the office supply store) gives their employees major incentives to ride their bikes to work. One "major incentive" is that I check their bikes out for them during a "bike to work day." There's always one person who rides fourteen miles to work on a Huffy at one of these things. We all cheer and throw ticker tape as the paramedics charge up the defibrillator .

Craig Mello took this while Colt was interviewing me for my Wicked-Frickin' Pro Bike segment on cyclingdirt. I guess a real pro would have had someone clean his snazzy XX bits before the cameras started to roll.

In a still photo, no one can hear you laugh (nervously).

Craig Mello took this shot before I blew apart during the Glocester Grind race a couple weeks ago. You can tell I was doing well because I'm still in front of eventual third place finisher Big Timmy D.

Have a good weekend, and remember what Mike Ramponi says: "I wanna ride my bike all day long!"

And you know what's better that a caption cop out? A Borstal Breakout.


Jonny Bold said...

Doood. Why are you such a nervous dufus on camera???

k-sumthin' said...

can you and linnea get together and decide if my name is k-sweet or k-sweat? let me know what you decide and i'll inform my parents.

Big Bikes said...


that is actually pretty good for me as far as "public speaking" goes. I just laugh instead of letting my voice get all quavery.


you're like the GZA...or Bobby Digital, you can have multiple names.

kevin said...

point taken; but i think the entity know as Johnny Blaze/Hott Nikkels/Iron Lung/Tical/Shakwon/Ticallion Stallion/The Panty Raider/Johnny Dangerous/Blazini
MZA/Methical/Mr. Mef/Meth would have been a better example.