Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Follow Me

OK fine, if you won't follow me (seeing as I am kind of douche who can't even spell "hoarse," thanks Conin) then maybe you'll follow Geekhouse Bikes over to the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge for the showing of Anthill Films new movie "Follow Me" on Monday May 24th at 7PM. All proceeds go to benefit Greater Boston NEMBA. Don't worry, I'll be reminding you about this again, it's gonna be wicked sweet and it's for a good cause.

You'll be pleased to know that I found my 2009 Glocester Grind report. The preceding link is to the registration page, which you should go to now so you can register before you go off and read my report, which is OVER HERE. After you read it you'll probably opt not to do the Grind and head over to the Ninigret Crit like Big Red is planning to do. The nice thing about riding road crits is that going home afterward and mowing your lawn seems wicked exciting. Alright, that's a little rough, crits can be exciting. There's definitely the "I could get crashed out at any moment by some sketchball" factor. That's exciting. But if I want to go on an otherwise boring and uneventful ride with the distinct possibility of some fat jerk on an $8,000 bike taking me out, I'll save myself the registration fee and go out for a spin on the bike path on a sunny Saturday.

From the looks of it I'll be bringing most of my competition down to Rhode Island in my car. We got the aforementioned Callum, we got Greg "Monty" The Leg, the only man with a nickname in his nickname (also not to be confused with Monte), and we got K-Sweet! (he insists I call him that, it's weird, I know). I'm glad I don't own a bigger vehicle, otherwise I'd end up carpooling my way right out of the top ten.

Oh, the shiner? The mouse under my eye there? Something happened, it was bad, it might have something to do with the Bear Jew...I don't know. I'm too tired tonight to properly explain. So you have that to look forward to, which is nice.

"I knew he was tough.
But I didn’t know that he would beat up my fist with his face."

- Quinton "Rampage" Jackson,
the Muhammad Ali of mixed martial arts


the original big ring said...

nice pimple . . .

oh yeah, want to take my spot at the Mohican? have to back out due to being fugging stupid sick . . . e-mail me for details - blog post to follow

mowing the lawn said...


you will be hearing from my lawyer.

rick is! said...

damn, that's a good crew heading to the grind. If it weren't so far I'd be there myself.

Miriam K said...

If I am a Bear Jew, what does that make you?

zencycle said...

Crits are fun if you actually race instead of just riding.